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In late 2018, our researchers launched a unique study on what they call “first generation professionals,” those who are the first in their family to hold a professional career. Focusing on the finance and utility industries, the research explores questions related to the professional workplace — from first hire, through promotion, management and leadership.

The study aims to learn more about the workplace experience of first generation professionals, as well as understand talent management practices to help companies more effectively develop and retain their diverse workforce and ultimately create more productive workplaces.

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Research origin

While some studies have been conducted on those who are the first in their family to attend college, almost no research exists on first generation professionals. Bernice Maldonado, herself a first generation professional in California, wondered if the unique circumstances of FGPs like herself affected their professional work experience.

She recalled skills and traits that were directly linked to here FGP identity: “Even though I didn’t have access to the same social networks or private tutoring like some of my colleagues did growing up, I learned a great deal from my parents and believe that the grit and determination they passed on to me have served me well in my career.”

But as a first generation professional, Bernice also faced challenges: “It wasn’t easy to talk to my family about my career. As my work became more professional, we experienced a disconnect which meant that I didn’t have the support network that some of my peers did.”

Bernice wondered if other first generation professionals had similar experiences. After realizing that virtually no studies had been completed on the topic, she decided to take on the research herself, which has resulted in

Research status

The study is well underway, with results to be released in 2019. Please sign up above or on our contact form to receive a summary of findings when the study is complete.